Alpha Communities works together with people and communities to realize potential, initiate change and create opportunities. Established in 1994, Alpha Communities has given hope and help to children, families and communities affected by poverty in Mongolia and China. In 2020 the student sponsorship program will be complete, making it possible to focus our complete attention on the 3 fosters homes in Mongolia.

The organization has international and locally hired staff with a variety of training and skills. Funding is provided through private donations, donations and Alpha Communities registered charities in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

Foster Homes

In 1990 when the Mongolia transitioned from Communism to a free state the people were left with enormous social problems, which continue to this day. The children of the country are the ones who suffer the most. Many try to flee poverty and abuse by leaving home and living on the streets to raise money for themselves and their families. Some have been evicted from their homes by their parents. The children who remain in the homes live in extreme poverty. There are no possibilities for them to be educated. Sometimes it’s a matter of the financial requirements; sometimes they cannot achieve the proper level to continue in the schools.

Foster homes have been established to give a home for a group of these homeless children: a family who believes in them and in which they feel loved.


For €40 a month you can provide for one of the 36 children in our 4 foster homes. The support will be used for food, clothing, staff salaries, utilities, birthday presents, summer outings, and extra-curricular activities (sport, chess, etc). Your donation will make it possible for a child to grow and develop into a responsible adult. This is an investment in the child and the country as a whole.

**Alpha is not funded by any government, and relies solely on the support of donations from the general public and grants. Administrative expenses are kept at a bare minimum level to allow the funds to go directly toward the benefit of the children themselves.

Alpha Communities is a registered charity in the UK, USA, Germany, and The Netherlands. Your gifts processed through these offices are therefore tax deductible.

If you wish to make a donation, please check the information below.

NL92RABO0354690345 St. Alpha Communities NL

Contact Us

Alpha Netherlands: Chrysantenlaan 32, 1424 AK, De Kwakel, the Netherlands [email protected]

Alpha Germany: Alpha-Omega e.V., Alterweg 2, 57290 Neunkirchen, Germany  [email protected]

Alpha UK: 67 Highfield Drive, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 0RR England, U.K.

Alpha New Zealand: [email protected]

Alpha USA: [email protected]

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