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Student 4

Name: QMJ

Date of birth: 1995

Grade: Senior middle school Grade 1 

Family: Mother and 6 others



QMJhas 7 people in her family. She has no father and her mother’s poor health is a constant worry and burden for her and the rest of her family.  QMJ herself has deformed hands, and cannot do hard physical work.  Alpha Communities chose her in 2005 as one of our sponsored students. She phones and writes to us often to show her gratitude and appreciation.


Current news

Below is an extract from a recent letter from QMJ(translated):

“…Here I sincerely want to thank you all, because it is your help which enables me to see the outside world and gives me the opportunity to learn knowledge.

Thanks you all for giving me such a rare opportunity, and of course, I will do my best to make you proud, not disappoint you or let you down. With your support and encouragement, I will grab this chance to make my way into the future. Again, thanks for your support and everything. I will remember this forever. “

(All information used by permission of the student)