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Student 3

Name: YGQ

Date of birth: May 14, 1998

Grade: primary school grade 6  

Family background

YGQ’s family consists of 4 people: his father, mother, older sister, and himself. YGQ 's father can work but his mother suffers from dementia and cannot work. When we first met him, he was wearing a very big coat which did not fit him at all. He was very thin and very dirty. Later we found that his family had difficulty affording suitable clothes.

Current news

Last year YGQ broke his arm playing sports, so unfortunately he will have to redo the 6th grade.

He recently wrote the following to Alpha Communities (translated):

First of all I want to say a sincere "thanks" to all Alpha Communities' members. You have given me a chance to receive a formal education. Honestly, I was so touched that you still remembered that my family was building a new earth-brick house. You asked whether we have finished building it. Later I told my parents that I got a scholarship from Alpha Communities. They were so happy and prayed for your health and good luck.

Your financial support has freed me from worrying about paying tuition fees and, more importantly, your moral support has encouraged me and guided me through many hardships. Now I have no worries about paying high tuition fees. I will try my best to be a good student so that I can repay your kindness, and do some meaningful things for society.

My father is the only bread winner in our family. My mother has been sick for eight years and my father has to earn money to pay for her on-going medical fees. In addition to that, my father has to pay for my sister's and my school fees.  When I first told my parents that I got help from Alpha Communities, my mother almost cried. Father comes home tired, exhausted, and worn out every evening. Now his burden is lessened and I can continue my education.


(All information used by permission of the student's father)