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Student 2

Name: MA

Date of birth: 7 January 1991

Grade: Police college year 2


MA’s mother died giving birth to his younger brother in 1995.His father became an alcoholic and now roams the streets most of the time. MA has an elder sister who is also on drugs. The family had a nice house but now it’s only an empty shell as they had to sell everything inside the house as well as all of their fields. Only his 80 year old grandmother does some farm work on her daughter’s fields and also lives with her. This daughter (MA’s Aunt) has 5 children and all of them have to live off only 0.3 ha of land.  

MA has been sponsored by Alpha since he graduated from primary school in 2004 and entered middle school.  During his time at middle school, he lived with his father’s sister who was reluctant to have him and most of the time treated him badly. However, both his grandmother and the aunt with the 5 children want MA to continue his studies.  These day the family income is around 3000 RMB per year. This is still a very low income from which to support a college student, as the school fees alone cost up to 6000 RMB. This is a giant number for this family. Despite this, they pay for A’s school living fees while Alpha pays his tuition costs.

Current news

MA is a friendly, polite student who is reliable and diligent. He gets on well with students and teachers and has a good character. He contacts Alpha at the beginning of every semester and to report on his studies.  In autumn 2010, he was accepted into into a police college in Sichuan Province. He has just begun his second year of a three year program. After he graduates in June 2013, he will find a job as a policeman, and he will probably work in his hometown. He says he is looking forward to being a policeman.

October 2011 
(All information used by permission of the student)