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Student 1

Name: AA

Date of birth: 7 March 1987

Grade: Vocational training school year 1


AA’s father died in 1991, when he was 4 years old.  According to custom, his mother married his father's younger brother and they had two children.  In 1996, AA’s stepfather was arrested for drug dealing and spent 9 years in prison.  His mother was influenced and took drugs but, after a rehabilitation program, was clean until 2005.  As far as we know, despite further rehab, she has been on and off drugs since that time and unable to do much farm work.  Their land has been sold to survive and she has been doing migrant work in another part of the province.  

AA has been sponsored by Alpha since he entered middle school in 2004.  He always does well in his studies.

Current news

Since his mother moved away, it has been a struggle for AA  to continue his studies and last semester he dropped out of the second year of Senior School and went to help his mother.  However, he has realized that he needs to continue his studies and is currently studying to  become a primary school teacher. He is doing well both in his studies and in school life. At the beginning of the semester, he wasn’t used to the new city. All his classmates were strangers and he felt lonely. Two months have passed and now he has many friends.

Extract from a recent letter to Alpha Communities:

“As a poor student from the countryside, to be able to come and study in a big city is my glory and happiness. I sincerely thank Alpha Communities Sichuan for your generosity and great support. Many thanks also for my mother’s support and encouragement. She is the source of my effort. Today, I am able to study in this college; this is all due to Alpha Communities. I am not sure how much better my life will be in the future, but I truly believe that I will work hard and try to do better; I won’t let your efforts be wasted.

Besides my studies, I also participate in many activities; this is also a way of learning. Since I entered this college, I have done many interesting things, such as entering a singing competition. I made in to the top 6 out of 80 competitors and was eliminated with a difference of just 0.01 points: my score was 9.72.   I chose to sing the song “Mother”, to show that I miss my mother all the time. 

In my school life, I get along well with my classmates and the people around me all respect me. Recently, I was chosen to be the host of a school event, so I feel that my life is being enriched at school. It is not enough to only study theory, so I am trying to find a part time job and make some money. One big pity is that I can’t play basketball since I am short-sighted.

The food here on campus is good. One funny thing is that my quilt is not so good. Whenever I wash it, it gets worse, so I am afraid to wash it anymore.  My classmates often joke: ”You are suffering from a broken quilt!” 

I am majoring in primary education. I like it, because in the future I will be able to work as a teacher. I will teach everything I know to my students. I will be proud to be a teacher one day.

I wish  all the staff of Alpha Communities well.

Dzi Ma Ge Nye! (Best wishes in Yi language.)

AA. ”

October 2011
(All information used by permission of the student)