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Sponsorship Opportunities

* Alpha communities has taken responsibility for the education of about 50 children from poor households with an annual household income of $US250 - 300.

* We have supported the education of these children from general funds and will continue to do so.  However this is often a significant drain - see the table here - and it inhibits our capacity to do   things, including sponsoring more children.

* Recently we have begun to look for individual sponsors for these children and so we can increase the number we sponsor.  We have 60 children who still need sponsors.

* The families of these children can feed them, but they cannot afford to educate them.  Even at lower levels it costs more than their annual income to educate one child for a year as you can see from the table.

* Alpha's approach is to help young people get as far as they can educationally - right up to completing university.  This has a huge impact on families and communities.  The profiles included here show that. Would you consider sponsoring one of these students or one like them?

* Imagine the difference it makes to a poor household to have a doctor or a teacher in the family.  Or even just someone with a good job earning some regular money.  It makes a material difference, but perhaps even more importantly it brings them hope for the future - and for those they love.  We all know how important that is.  We are reminded of it at Christmas in fact.

See the contact page for details about donating for the education of one or more of these students.