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Santai Orphanage

Santai is an area we have worked in since the 2008 earthquake.  It is closer to Chengdu than the locations initially worked in by Alpha Communities, though it is still rural and has taken time to recover from the devastation of 2008.  We sponsor 10 students in this area.  

Peter recently went to Santai to confirm that the solar hot water reticulation systems installed by Alpha there in a school,  a small regional hospital and a kindergarten were still performing well prior to making the final payment (12 months after completion).  I was impressed on this score, with things operating well. 

Peter also took the opportunity to visit an orphanage in the area which we have been asked to help out with. The local people are feeling the burden of this. The  orphanage  houses  24 children and young people. About half of this number actually have some wider  family connections  and were away when he visited (it was a holiday period). The others made him welcome.