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Student Successes

Here are some brief extracts from the stories of 2 more young people to warm your heart. (The names of the students have been changed to protect the privacy of the students)


We have supported Sang from Ma’erkang County since 2004.  His family farms 7 mu (less than half a hectare) of land, having given back 5 mu under the government's Grain-for-Green Plan. Because they gave the land back early  in the Plan, their eight years of subsidized grain provision is up and they now have to make do with what they can produce themselves.  Their yields can only address their basic living needs.  Sang graduated from Sichuan Neijiang Vocational School this year majoring in telecommunications.  He now works for Volvo in an automobile plant in Longquan.  The work is related to his major, and the location is much closer to his hometown than another job he was offered in another province. It allows him to provide better support for his family.  Sang is one of ten Alpha graduates this year.  Two are looking for work.  The others have employment as doctors, teachers, policemen, civil servants or in business.  


Zuo is from a poor family in Longrang nomadic area which includes his grandparents, an aunt and his younger brother. He and his brother have lived with their grandparents since their father died and their mother left them.  Zuo is somewhat physically disabled but is academically capable.  Alpha Communities has sponsored Zuo in terms of education and health care since 2004 and in June this year he ranked first in his school in the civil service exam and, having graduated from university,  successfully interviewed for a local government job using his computing skills.  The job is based in a township near his hometown. This means a stable income for him and his family. The personal growth in this young man has also been impressive, he has grown in confidence and personal assurance.

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