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About Alpha

Alpha Communities’ work focuses on townships, the smallest administrative unit in the Chinese governmental system. A township consists of several villages or settlements, which are administered from a township center. Alpha takes a holistic approach to development. Rather than supporting projects in many isolated places, Alpha seeks to address interrelated problems within a community to see long-term growth and benefits for an entire township. Currently Alpha Sichuan works primarily in several townships in the Aba Prefecture and in the vicinity of Mianyang, an area significantly impacted by the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake.  We administer coordinated yak bank and other projects in northern Sichuan, and student sponsorship in both northern and southern Sichuan.

Alpha Communities works in areas where average household income is below 1500RMB ($US250). The rate of illiteracy in these households  is also high, and many can’t afford to send their children to school. Getting a good education is the only way for them to find a job and break the cycle of poverty.

For this reason, we sponsor students from poor families, paying their school fees, and a part of their living expenses. This commitment is up to and including university study to ensure maximum benefit for households and the wider community.  We have a personal relationship with each of these students, helping them not only financially, but also trying to invest moral values into their lives and that of their families.

Alpha Communities has a strong emphasis on education, holistically supporting students and their families toward self-reliance through acquiring knowledge and skills. In addition to this sponsorship, Alpha seeks to support other local initiatives for small scale development in these townships, as well as welcoming invitations from other townships in Sichuan to start cooperative work. Sponsors are invited to join Alpha’s efforts by linking themselves to a project, or ‘adopting’ a specific student. Currently, Alpha Communities Sichuan is involved in sponsoring a total of 106 students.

There are 4 home boards in Europe and the US which support the work of Alpha. Contact in various languages can be made via the contact page.