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Foster Homes

Meet the 'mothers' at the foster homes. click here.

In 1990 when Mongolia transitioned from communism to being a free state, the people were left with enormous social problems. The children are the ones who suffer the most. Many try to flee poverty and abuse by leaving home and living on the streets to earn money for themselves and their families. Some have been put out of their homes by their parents. Those children who remain at home live in extreme poverty. There is no possibility for them to be educated. Sometimes it is a matter of financial requirements; sometimes they cannot achieve the required level to continue at school.

Foster homes have been established for these homeless children, providing a family who believes in them and in which they feel loved. We have about 40 kids in the fosterhomes now and support a number of kids who have left and  are still going to university or have their own family but cannot totally support themselves.

For €45 a month you can provide for a child to be housed, fed and educated. Your donation will make it possible for a child to grow and develop into a responsible adult. This is an investment in the child and in Mongolia as a whole.

Recent picture of the growing Mongolian family on the balcony of the summer home which was donated by friends from Germany.

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